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Because of its beauty, special features and availability, wood has been used since the ancient times in construction. Its warmth and the feeling it creates make it even today a must have material in decorating interiors and exteriors. In spite of all the new attractive materials, wood continues to defy time and is still in our lives, and true wood lovers can't imagine a home without it.

Years of experience in the woodwork business have made our company a great connoisseur of its many benefits such as fine texture, hardness, workability, durability and ways of putting it to use in home and business design products.

We manufacture a wide range of doors (entrance, balcony and room doors), partitions, window frames casements, staircases. When designing, we fallow all the latest architectural trends and look for solutions to reduce energetic and sound penetration, prevent bending and guarantee mechanical hardness, safety and functionality.

Doors and windows are made of hardwood, in both standard and non-standard measures, depending on the dimensions of the openings. We also make all kinds of door jambs and frames. A wide selection of wood, decorative panels, studs, door knobs, glasses and colours enable you to choose the woodwork that best fits you and your aesthetic criteria.

Wooden staircases are a part of our rich product selection. The staircases we manufacture are of wood of particular hardness and finest texture, with a high aesthetic finish of treads and handrails.

A custom made garden furniture set will make any garden or terrace a favourite place for relaxation and enjoyment. We manufacture quality, durable hardwood garden sets in different shapes, dimensions and furnishings. All our products are of stable construction, comfortable, simple to use, beautifully crafted and built to resist any type of outside exposure.

All our products are covered by veneer in standard colours or the colours of your choice... Impregnation as a base for wood finishing guarantees protection and is made to last. A part of the wood finishing process is applying a high quality varnish in the desired tone. Our wood possesses all the finest qualities: top processing, innovative designing solutions, a high level of protection and durability.

3D space planning

We provide you with a 3D space planning walk-through of your space and make your choices easier...
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